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Sign our pledge now and help us project a united voice for Oceanic Sharks

The amazing sharks and rays that live in the open-ocean are at risk from excessive fishing. Add your voice and together we can call for stronger conservation and fisheries management.

I support the Shark Trust and their partners in demanding that international governments deliver high seas fisheries management that’s fit for purpose and ensure that all Oceanic Sharks can only be fished within science-based sustainable limits.

Big Shark Pledge - A United Voice for High Seas Sharks


The global abundance of oceanic sharks and rays has declined 71% over the last 50 years, primarily due to overfishing.

Campaign Summary

Many of our best known and much-loved sharks make their home on the high seas, the open-ocean beyond national borders. In our shared ocean, these oceanic sharks and rays face a very real threat from a huge international fleet of industrial-scale fishing vessels. Research published in early 2021 confirmed that over three-quarters of oceanic sharks and rays are now at risk of extinction due to the destructive impact of overfishing. They have declined by 71% over the last 50 years. 

The Big Shark Pledge is at the heart of our ambitious campaign. By adding your voice we can build one of the biggest campaigning communities in the history of shark conservation. To put pressure on governments and fisheries. And make the positive changes required to safeguard these awesome sharks. 

This will be a long-term collaborative and international effort. Forging a pathway to rebuild populations of high seas sharks and rays. By putting science at the heart of shark conservation and fisheries management. And catalysing the vital changes needed to set populations on the road to recovery. 

Our Pledge to You

We will…

  • Use your voice in our ongoing efforts to create positive change through policy and advocacy
  • Dedicate our time and resources to push for better protection of high-seas sharks and rays
  • Rally the community at times of critical change
  • Keep you up to date with latest wins, challenges and policy changes

The Shark Trust will contact you from time to time to provide you with campaign updates and to ask for your help with specific shark conservation tasks to help high seas sharks and rays.

If you want more regular news and information then please sign up to the newsletter or become a Shark Trust member.

What our supporters say…

Art from around the world

We're curating 31 pieces from artists all over the world. Through their eyes we are showcasing some of the amazing species which call the open ocean their home.

Oceanic 31 will take the pieces on tour across the UK and with an online exhibition. Ending with a raffle and auction, the funds raised from the pieces will directly support The Big Shark Pledge. Find out more about the artists and pieces here

Oceanic 31 Artwork
Oceanic Adoption Set

Oceanic Adoption Set (digital)

Collect the High Seas Heroes set!

Hammerheads, Mako, Oceanic Whitetip, Blue, Manta...

Oceanic Adoption Set
Big Shark Pledge

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Big Shark Pledge

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